13th November 2018

As a company, we’re currently helping out the local food bank get ready for Christmas. Thank you to our staff for helping those that need a little extra help this Christmas!


17th October 2018

A great start to two new projects! We are building another beautiful pond for The Swimming Pond Company and a driveway (third in the same road) in Waresley.

We are also continuing our principal contractor’s role for Renvale. We are overseeing all the health and safety on site.

Driveway in Waresley

24th September 2018

Photo: Mirko Graul/Shutterstock

Check out this handy guide by The Wildlife Trusts on how to make your garden and neighbourhood hedgehog friendly this autumn/winter.

Dawn and Johan have recently put up a hedgehog box for their newest edition to the garden – Herbert the hedgehog. It’ll be sure to keep him cosy this winter!

But don’t forget to always check your leaf/wood piles for the spiky creatures before setting them alight – especially your fireworks night bonfires!


11th September 2018

While scrolling through Youtube last night, Johan stumbled across a video of the National Garden Festival 1986 in Stoke on Trent. In the video, George Hamilton talks about a garden on a steep bank, with steps, waterfalls, perrenials and a bog garden, saying how difficult it can be to have a shady garden!

This garden was designed by Johan for Howard and Kooij Nurseries and Boulton brothers. Called The Rise and Fall of Colour, the garden won an RHS gold medal and could be seen for the six months the festival was open.

Check out the video here: Youtube


3rd September 2018

Update on Suffolk project.

Our guys are busy working hard, ready for concrete to be poured tomorrow, while the roofers and bricklayers work on the biggest building! The second building is also quickly taking shape with a team putting up the steel frame. All in all, a very busy site today!

Thanks to all our health and safety measures and organisation, so far this project has been an efficient, tidy and most importantly SAFE one. Roll on the net few months!

13th August 2018

Grey water can be an excellent way to get much-needed water to a garden during a drought.  Here are some articles to explain what exactly grey water is and how to use it in your garden, as well as very important do’s and don’ts:

6th August 2018

Work on our Suffolk project is still coming along nicely. The steel frames for the first building are currently being erected by Roy Allen Engineering, while we prepare to put in its concrete base and manage the health and safety of the site. It is now a hard hat site!

2nd July 2018

Last summer Johan and I downsized (children had left home and we retired as foster carers) – we love our new house but with a much smaller, modern house came a much smaller garden. We decided we needed a sociable area so over the last two weekend Johan has built us the most amazing deck area. Some of our wonderful team have helped him (thanks Pete, Bradley and Josh) and now we have a beautiful (and large) seating area. The deck has been made out of Iroko hardwood, stainless steel fixings and a hardwood frame. It’ll last for many, many years!

25th June 2018

Photos from a domestic garden project in Barningham, including some before and after photos: where the box hedging was, is now a lawn.

18th June 2018

Happy Monday.

The longest day of the year is just around the corner, it’s the perfect day to sit back and relax in your amazingly landscaped garden. We may have already created that for you, but if not, here’s some inspiration of what your garden could look like so maybe next year you’ll be spending the summer in style.


14th June 2018

Health and Safety on our sites:

As a responsible employer, the health and safety of our teams is vital – as is the health and safety of our clients and members of the public.

As well as health and safety training, we hold regular meetings where we continually look to make improvements. We also carry out spot checks to make sure our health and safety measures are being followed to the letter, as well as seeing what more can be done to make each site as safe as possible.

Some of our key health and safety initiatives are: no lone working unless our staff are being monitored by a lone working centre, a personal sunscreen allowance each year and changing the colour of our work shirts from black to grey in the summer months to prevent overheating.

29th May 2018

We started a new project for The Swimming Pond Company in Leicestershire last Monday. This photo was taken on Friday, the progress already is astounding! We wouldn’t like to take a dip in it just yet though.


22nd May 2018

Our Suffolk project is coming along nicely. We’ve also started a swimming pond project in Leicestershire for The Swimming Pond Company (photos will come soon!)


14th May 2018

Being a family business is something we are very proud of – husband, wife, brother and children all working together to create inspiring projects.

We have learnt many of our skills from our parents over the years and mine especially, although not being directly involved in the business, have always been on hand to offer support, guidance and advice.

This week we lost my mother, a businesswoman in her own right and the rock that our family clung to, so as a family business we are now mourning her loss – her daughter, son, son in law and two grandchildren all coming to terms with this yet knowing that she would want us to just carry on.

Dawn van den Berg-Hider


17th April 2018

An exciting new project started in Suffolk! This time a commercial project for an existing client we previously built a garden for. Lots of earth moving equals lots of muddy workers.

We will keep you updated!

3rd April 2018

Welcome to April!

Thank goodness after such an extraordinarily wet Easter weekend we can now see some sun – and the long-range weather forecast is looking positive. April will be a busy month in the office: end of financial year, training, pay increases, and the on-site teams are busy too!

Happy spring everyone.


20th March 2018

We’re currently making a bespoke climbing and play frame for a customer in Suffolk. Made with pressure treated softwood and commercial standard play equipment the frame is 1.8m high surrounded by bark. It will have removable barriers to make it safe for smaller children and includes a slide, climbing wall, fireman’s pole, climbing net, trapeze, swing and a double swing.

What children wouldn’t enjoy this?!

13th March 2018

We now have an in-house Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) tester!

Jack completed the course last week meaning he is qualified to test our electronic appliances. Although we have our appliances tested yearly, this means we can now test them on a regular basis.


8th March 2018

Snow days = Training days

Snow definitely stopped play last week. After several attempts to get to our snow-covered projects, we reluctantly gave up and asked our teams to stay at home in the warmth to complete any outstanding online training. The results we had were terrific! Amongst many Owen has completed his level 3 in Health and Safety and Jon completed 8 courses.

We are glad the snow has now gone and we are back on our sites this week – bring on spring!

5th February 2018

It might only be the start of the year but the staff at Vandenberg-Hider Landscape Design and Construction are steaming ahead with their training. Last week everyone took the one-day emergency first aid at work course, which has led to 3 deciding it is important to go even further so will be doing the 3 day course in March. Lauren and Jack have completed their level 3 health and safety, Jack has completed a certificate in leadership and management and KB has completed one in networking. Everyone has also updated their fire certificate. YAY!


UPDATE ON HUNDON: From being covered in snow at the end of last year to an almost completed swimming pond in the early months of 2018. What a transformation in only a couple of months!

30th January 2018

We are landscapers based in Harleston on the Norfolk and Suffolk border but work all over the United Kingdom. However, most of our work is in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. We first started working for a client in Cambridgeshire in 2005 when we constructed a garden designed by Timothy Garden Design. At the time this involved laying 400square metres of natural stone paving, constructing 22 staircases of various sizes and building various retaining walls laying in total 15000 Bovingdon bricks. One garden wall alone consisted of 10,000 bricks.  We returned a couple of times over the years to carry out some other projects, including the construction of a recirculation system with various oak weirs.

In 2017 we returned for another large project – a completely new entrance to their property as the existing entrance did not do justice to their property. Timothy Garden Design produced another great design, separating an existing lake form the original property by way of planting and installing a new parkland fence. The new drive would go close to the lake, which was de-silted, and would pick up the existing drive further into the property.

The original drive had gate piers and lovely metal gates at its entrance. The pier caps and finials were bought as a pair and in a very good condition and appeared to be from Haddonstone.

The new entrance was going to get a granite drive entrance splay with new Haddonstone piers but the existing pier caps and finals were going to be re-used.

We started the project in late October and completed the Granite splay and pier foundations in early December.

The team installed the new piers, steel posts and hung refurbished gates. They set about removing the caps and finials from the old piers which they did with amazing skill as none of the stone was damaged even though the material is quite brittle and the mortar was very strong. To make matters worse was that one of the piers had a bees nest in it and all through winter they were still active. The team managed to slide the pier cap of the pier and kept the bees at bay by sliding a cover slab over it at the same time, keeping the gap to a minimum. They did get a small glimpse of the nest which had filled the hollow pier to the top.

The pier caps and finial were removed undamaged and placed on top of the new piers as you can see from the photo they are weathered but it will not be long before the new piers will match them.

It is an amazing job carried out by a fantastic team.

More photos of this project and another one up the road to follow.

By Johan van den Berg-Hider


22nd January 2018

Spring is just around the corner and Vandenberg-Hider is gearing up for a busy 2018.  As a landscaping Company based in Harleston, Norfolk we often work all over the country – Anglesey, Cheshire, Gloucestershire and are currently just finishing two large projects the other side of Cambridge –if the project is within an hour and a half drive away we drive daily but over that and we look for accommodation –  so it is with great pleasure that we are about to start three brilliant projects much closer to home – Scole, Brome and Barningham. Our teams can all live at home and the driving distances are much less – which gives everyone a bit of a break for a few weeks.  In Scole we are building a swimming Pond – these are becoming so popular – you only have to swim in one to see why. In Brome we are embarking on a very large project and the wildlife on the site is incredibly important to the client and us – in order to continue to attract a mix of bats, bird and hedgehogs we are providing an array of man-made habitats which will encourage them to stay, breed and live as one with the buildings that are going up on the site. We have purchased special Schwegler boxes and these will be carefully attached to the existing trees, at specified angles to make it easy for the wildlife to inhabit.

The sun is out in Norfolk today, let’s hope it is going to stay.


11th January 2018

Welcome to 2018! Happy new year from all of us at VDBH!

This is our 25th year of trading and it looks like it is going to be a busy and exciting year. We are, for the first time ever, running a staff team of 12 and plan to have 3 or even 4 projects running at any one time.

This week we started our biggest project to date and are so pleased to be involved in such an exciting new development – more details and photos to follow!


11th December 2017

Snowy mornings don’t stop our teams who were on their sites bright and early to carry on with their projects.

1st December 2017

A new granite sett entrance splay under construction. We love building with granite setts, find out more about them on our Specialities page.



27th November 2017

This week we are inducting our newest member of the team, welcome Josh! Josh will spend his first full day of work with me and we will go through a range of training and information. By the end of the day, Josh will know all about the company, our policies and procedures. He will have completed training in fire, health and safety, abrasive wheel use, manual handling, COSHH. Tomorrow he will start his on-site training – welcome and good luck Josh.

November 6th 2017

We love starting new projects because it means we have finished somewhere else, leaving a client with a new usable and exciting garden. We have just finished one of our largest garden projects to date. This was an entire garden rebuild around a newly refurbished residential property (photos to follow). It has taken many months to complete.

Next week this team begins a new project – a swimming pond – built on behalf of The Swimming Pond Company.

This coming Saturday Johan and Dawn are interviewing for the landscape assistant post, but it is not too late if you know someone who may be interested. Please ask them to email Dawn at