Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015

Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015

As of 2015, anybody that carries out a construction job for a client (domestic or commercial)  in or around their home or business has to follow the construction, design and management regulations (CDM regs 2015).

Every site has to have a construction phase plan (CPP) which tells anyone coming onto that site how it will be kept as safe as possible for everyone. This means anyone entering a site, no matter how long they are there, has to read the CPP, sign it and abide by it. Each CPP is site-specific, job-specific and task-specific and is updated throughout the job.

There are 5 duty holders under the CDM regulations: the client, the principal designer, any other designers involved, the principal contractor and contractors. If there is more than one contractor on a site then a principal contractor will be appointed and they are in charge of making the CPP.

The principal contractors are responsible for ensuring that the correct level of health and safety is maintained at all times. Before any job, they will erect safety fences, tape and safety signs where needed. They also ensure that any contractors/visitors follow the site rules (including our site rules – no smoking, using signage, fencing etc. when appropriate), is wearing the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) and knows the emergency plans etc.

The CDM regulations and CPP ensure that every site is as safe as possible, minimising the risk of injury.

A lot of our domestic clients are not aware of the CDM regulations and we can make it easy for them. With our knowledge, skills and systems to help them meet this requirement, we will ensure that the client follows the letter of the law and meets all their health and safety responsibilities.