Granite Sett Driveways

Granite setts are extremely strong, durable and require little maintenance, this means they are perfect to use when laying driveways. Granite is a natural material and their appearance does not deteriorate over time meaning years of good-looking driveways.

Our company has carried out a number of projects using granite setts. This one was designed by Colvin and Moggridge.

Swimming Ponds

Swimming ponds are a relatively new concept in this country. Naturally filtered water without the use of chemicals allows you to swim with nature. The ponds work by having a swimming zone and regeneration zone which houses the filter medium and the pond plants.

Over the last 11 years, we have exclusively built around 30 ponds for The Swimming Pond Company. To see the finished ponds follow the link to The Swimming Pond Company

Boat Houses

A lot of our work is to do with water so it was no surprise when we were asked to build a very substantial boat house designed by Colvin and Moggridge.

The boat house was an oak frame with cedar cladding (inside and out) with a cedar shingle roof. It took a team of three, around 4 months to build and is one of our greatest achievements to date.


This 300m driveway designed by Timothy Garden Design was constructed in 2012 to a Norfolk manor house. It goes through historic parkland creating a fantastic view of the house as you drive down it. As part of the construction work we built an access road around the back of the house for service vehicles, installed parkland fencing, cattle grids and new tree planting.

This scheme won a landscaping award from South Norfolk District Council.