Sustainable Practice

At Vandenberg-Hider Landscape Design and Construction we not only create beautiful gardens but we do so in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way.

We endeavor to only use natural materials wherever possible, with minimum use of concrete products. For example, we avoid concrete pavers, using clay ones instead.

We try our hardest to source materials from local and environmentally aware suppliers. This includes stone, timber, gravel, topsoil, turf and grass seed.

We use water in many of our builds. Therefore using it efficiently and effectively, so not to use more than we need, is very important to us. 4 members of our team have certificates in water conservation to really make sure we achieve this goal.

Our team sees the importance of reusing what we can within the gardens new structure, recycling everything we can on our sites that can’t be used elsewhere.

Finally, we want to preserve the beauty of our natural landscape. We create long-lasting gardens that fit in with their surroundings and create habitats for local flora and fauna to thrive.