The Team

The Team

We are extremely lucky that many of our amazing team have worked with us for several years. We are proud of their work ethic, their skills, and their abilities – we value these and are continually offering all aspects of training to help them better their skills even more.  Health and Safety/Staff Training

Currently, we employ:

Jack D as our apprentice – recently completing his Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture.

Josh R and Jamie as Trainee Landscapers.

Owen and Jon as Site Supervisors.

Steve as a senior Site Supervisor.

Roger as a Landscape Manager.

Johan as a senior Site Supervisor/Manager.

Dawn as the Administration Manager/Health and Safety Site Manager.

Lauren as a Part-Time Administrator.

Katy Beth as a Contract Liaison Manager.

Josh B as an Assistant Site Manager.

Ed as a Bricklayer and Landscaper.